Job interview 1


My unforgettable opportunity

I used to work in the taxi division of Tomonoie. As I wanted to study nursing care, I left the company. The Manager of Shirogane office offered me, saying “Why do not you try a home care together?”, when I had
acquired the qualification of nursing care. This is just my opportunity of joining Tomonoie.

About job

I am responsible for organizing a group of care workers providing home care services, and in charge of a “responsible service provider ” feeding back opinions and reports on a nursing-care workplace to the care manager, including the care service in the workplace. My major job is a total coordinating for the workplace, such as job- shifting planning and reporting to the care manager. It requires always continuous grasping the situation, understanding what is required and what actions are to be taken in the workplace. More than
anything, I feel my job is exactly worthwhile.

What is good about joining Tomonoie

Tomonoie has provided me with a heartful welcome, kind, hard-working and passionate instruction to make me a professional care service provider, while once I left the company. I really feel grateful for homey and very friendly atmosphere as always as previously.

A message to job applicants

Meeting many customers makes you happier and keep smiling every day.
Homey and joyful workplace. Come and join us!