Job Interview 2


My unforgettable opportunity

Our Chief Executive Officer is acquainted with my parents; he introduced Tomonoie to me. Having never experienced in a nursing care, I wanted to join Tomonoie because of my curiosity of challenging a
brand-new thing.

Gap between before joining and after joining

How challenging the nursing care job is! This is just my previous impression. My impression has totally changed by seeing care workers working joyfully in a nursing-care workplace. This job is really challenging but rewarding.

What is good about joining Tomonoie

After joining Tomonoie, I have learned a lot. How to look at it to change “challenging” to “joyful”, and what kind of person is a real adult.
Doubtlessly, I have had a great opportunity to bring up myself.
Moreover, essential is that lots of best friends are around me. This is the biggest reason that I have kept it up all the way.

A message to job applicants

Teamwork is very important in a nursing care job.
The nursing care job consists of cooperation between many relevant people to achieve customers’
This job is relating to customers’ quality of life, profound and rewarding, requiring each care worker’s power and efforts. Join our team and work together.